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Portable Power Charger 8000 mAh

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Portable Power Charger 8000 mAh woman on beach

Universal Portable Power Charger 8000 mAh

  • Suitable for all kinds of mobile phones and digital devices equipped with a USB port: iPhone®, iPad®, iPod®, MP3/ MP4 players, Samsung® devices, action cams, GPS devices, Bluetooth® devices,…
  • Easily charge 2 USB high-powered devices, including smartphones and tablets at the same time!
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The mr Handsfree Portable Power Charger 8000 mAh is easy to use and provides on-the-go charging whenever you need it the most!  This emergency charger acts as a back-up battery for an extensive range of USB-powered devices, including smartphones. The ideal solution for emergency situations when you are travelling or out of town and your device runs out of power.


  • 4 LED battery capacity status indicator
  • 4 LED indicator for recharging status
  • Provided with a precise IC protector to avoid over-charging , over-discharging and short circuit.
  • Super compact, flat and portable size: only 207 grams!
  • Outstanding operating features: intelligent single chip / High efficiency / durable
  • Micro USB flat charger cable included
  • Input current 1000 mA = 1A
  • LED battery capacity status indicator
  • 4 x white LED
    • 4 LED'S ON: 75-100% remaining power
    • 3 LED'S ON: 50-75% remaining power
    • 2 LED'S ON: 25-50% remaining power
    • 1 LED ON: 0-25% remaining power
    • 0 LED'S ON: no remaining power
  • DC charging time max. 8,5 hours
  • Weight 207 grams
  • Dimensions 116 x 71,5 x 15 mm
Technical Details

116 x 71.5 x 15 mm


207 grams

Charging Time

< 8.5 hours

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