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Nokia 5230: I have a Nokia 5230 and I cannot pair or connect with my mr Handsfree carkit/headset

Your mr Handsfree carkit/headset is compatible with the Nokia 5230. It is possible that you have to clear/change some settings in your mobile phone menu.

We suggest that you follow the following procedures first before trying to pair your device with your Bluetooth carkit/headset device:

• Clear the Bluetooth pairings of your Nokia 5230:

1. Go to 'Menu'
2. Go to 'Settings'
3. Go to 'Connectivity'
4. Select 'Bluetooth'
5. Tap on the next tab to access 'Paired devices'
6. Select 'Delete all'

• Power cycle to refresh the system of your phone:

1. Turn off your phone
2. Remove the back cover and battery for 30 seconds
3. Put back the battery and back cover
4. Turn the phone back on

After following the steps above, make sure that the pairings of your Bluetooth carkit/headset is also cleared, kindly refer to the carkits/headsets manual to be able to do this.

After clearing your carkits/headsets pairings, kindly follow the steps below to pair your devices:

1. Enable the Bluetooth of your carkit/headset
2. On your phone, Go to 'Menu'
3. Go to 'Settings'
4. Go to 'Connectivity'
5. Select 'Bluetooth'
6. Set 'Bluetooth' to 'On' (Also enable 'Remote SIM mode')
7. Tap on the next tab again to access 'Paired devices'
8. Select 'New paired device'
9. Locate your Bluetooth carkit/headset and confirm and pair

If you will still be unable to pair both devices, we suggest that you do the following so that we may isolate as to where the connection is failing:

• Try pairing a different Bluetooth device with your carkit/headset.
• Try pairing your phone to a different Bluetooth device.