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Blue Luxe: How do I connect my mobile phone (pairing)?

You are required to pair the Blue LUXE headset with your mobile phone once before using it.

1. The Blue LUXE headset must be turned off before initiating pairing. Press and hold the MF-button until the blue indicator lights up constantly. The headset is now ready for pairing.

2. Initiate the pairing process on your Bluetooth mobile phone to pair with the Blue LUXE headset. (Refer to the manual of your mobile phone.)

3. Select Blue LUXE out of the list with found devices on your mobile phone. You will be asked to enter the PIN-code to complete pairing, enter 0000 and confirm it. When the pairing has been successful, the blue indicator of the headset will flash every 4 seconds.


1. If the Blue LUXE headset is not in pairing mode, your mobile phone won't find the headset. Please set the headset into pairing mode before making your mobile phone search for the headset.

2. If no pairing is possible for a period of time (approx. two minutes), the headset will automatially leave pairing mode. You may need to start all over again.